4 Oct 2023

At Qobo Qobo we proudly embrace our community’s commitment to producing the finest quality essential oils in South Africa, and we are dedicated to achieving and maintaining excellence from four distinct perspectives.  This video includes an interview with our CEO, Tafara Shuro.



7 Feb 2023

This feature on 50I50 delves into the transformative efforts of Qobo Qobo Essential Oils Incubator.  The insert provides an insightful overview of the organisation’s dedicated work in facilitating the transition of small-scale farmers into the realm of commercial herb agriculture.  Situated in the picturesque Keiskammahoek Valley within the Eastern Cape, Qobo Qobo Essential Oils Incubator plays a pivotal role in empowering local farmers and fostering sustainable growth.



13 December 2022

Amidst the bustling activities of the Christmas Season, it’s easy to find ourselves immersed in festive preparations, occasionally experiencing a sense of overwhelm.  In the journalist’s quest for rejuvenation and wellbeing, she finds solace in nature’s remedies, valuing their authenticity over synthetic alternatives.  This is precisely why she developed a fondness for utilising oils to alleviate headaches, alleviate stress, and alleviate moods.  At the heart of this preference lies Qobo Qobo Essential Oils, locally-crafted elixirs that, not only offer these benefits, but also weave a captivating narrative of community upliftment.  Join her in exploring Qobo Qobo’s enriching story as she navigates the world of natural wellness.



17 October 2022

Guiding this insightful conversation on Tru FM is our CEO, Tafara Shuro.  He dives into the profound impact of the incubator, shedding light on its role in generating employment opportunities within the local community.  Beyond its community-centric focus, this interview unravels the broader economic implications that Qobo Qobo Essential Oils Incubator holds for the nation.  From fostering growth within the country’s borders to forging vital exports to countries like India, discover the multi-faceted significance of this pioneering initiative



12 October 2022

This article in the Daily Dispatch spotlights the remarkable achievements of rural farmers in the Eastern Cape.  Journey with us as the reporter explores their inspiring successes within the dynamic landscape of the essential oils industry.  From humble beginnings to promising outcomes, these resilient farmers are shaping a narrative of growth and innovation that transcends boundaries.  Read about their stories, their learnings and triumphs, and witness firsthand the transforming power of determination.



5 October 2022

This article in The Herald explores how rural farmers are seizing the opportunities presented by the burgeoning essential oils industry.  With a keen focus on the growing markets in the US and the Netherlands, this piece sheds light on the initiative’s trailblazing success.  As the project’s pioneers endeavour to expand their reach, join us in uncovering the potential for more communities to join this transformative journey, capitalising on the promising prospects that lie ahead.



17 June 2022

We spotlight the eco-conscious ethos of Curls in Bloom, a homegrown haircare brand committed to sustainable living.  Read about their journey of environmentally-friendly practices, with a special emphasis on conscientious ingredient sourcing.  Discover how they’ve cultivated a partnership with Qobo Qobo Essential Oils, a proactive farming community nestled in the serene foothills of the Amathola Mountains in the Eastern Cape.  Through this collaboration, Curls in Bloom brings to life a greener, more harmonious approach to beauty that resonates deeply with both nature and nurture.